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Slip and Fall Accidents in Ontario

Every person who owns or occupies property has a duty to keep the property reasonably safe for people who may enter the property.  This is called “occupier’s" liability.  There are many potential types of "occupier’s" liability claims.  However, the most common type of "occupier’s" liability claim is a slip and fall claim.  If you can prove that the occupier failed to take reasonable steps to keep the property safe, you can claim damages for:

* Pain, suffering and loss of enjoyment of life
* Loss of income or loss of earning capacity
* Housekeeping and home maintenance expenses.
* Health care expenses.
* the loss sustained by family members who are entitled to claim under the Family Law Act


Do Not Delay

For every claim, there are “limitation periods” (i.e. deadlines for suing).  In addition, there are often deadlines for providing notice of your injuries and that you intend to pursue a claim.  You may be barred from suing if you do not comply with these requirements.  You may need to act quickly. We suggest that you complete a FREE CASE EVALUATION now and you will receive a response within twelve hours.

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