• Have You Been Injured?

    Have You Been Injured?

    Car Accidents are the most common type of accidents in Ontario. You may be entitled to a claim for damages, pain and suffering,


    We’re here to help. We have been helping people with Injury claims for over 20 years. Free assessment - No Obligation!
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PIAG Ontario - Injury Lawyers

Injury Lawyer We’ve been there. We know how difficult it is when you or a loved one is seriously injured through no fault of their own.

Between caring for them and ensuring their comfort and recovery, you’re also left wondering as to how you can proceed to get some help and compensation to offset their loss of income and contribution to the family.

We’re here to help. We have been helping people with Injury claims for over 20 years . Whether you retain our services or not, we can help assess your situation, map out your options and answer some of those basic questions in a <free assessment.> No Obligation! There’s no obligation and if you want to take the next step, we’ll come to meet with you at your convenience. At PIAG Ontario we serve Thunder Bay  as well as The Greater Toronto , Durham York & Peel regions and most of Southern Ontario.
Whether it’s a slip and fall, a car accident, a workplace injury, product liability issue or a disability claim get the answers you need.

Motor Vehicle Accidents - Motor Vehicle Accidents (MVA’s) are the most common type of accidents in Ontario...Accident Benefit Claims - Income replacement benefits. caregiver benefits and maintenance expenses...Tort Claims - Is a claim for expenses not paid by ICBC as No Fault Benefits but that arise as a result of the injuries sustained in a motor vehicle accident...Traumatic Brain/Head Injuries - commonly occur from serious motor vehicle accidents, falls, assaults, or tortuous conduct and can have severe economic, physical, and emotional consequences for victims...Slip and Fall Accidents - Injuries from slips and falls can be devastating. They are usually not investigated by local police departments. Therefore, it is important to obtain the names of all witnesses...Long Term Disability Claims - Insurers can terminate coverage quite abruptly and leave you without adequate income. This can leave you and your family in financial peril...

If you have been injured by someone else’s deliberate or negligent conduct, you may be entitled to compensation and you may wish to consider consulting a personal injury lawyer.

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PIAG does NOT do WSIB claims

Catastrophic Head Injuries  Brain & Spinal Cord Injuries  Bus Injuries  Wrongful Death  Auto Accidents Bicycle Accidents Disability Claims  Pedestrian/Auto   Slip and Falls  Animal Attacks 

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